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Our mission

We strive to help our clients to enhance profitability and competitive advantage by increasing efficiency and reducing costs with innovative and environmentally-friendly solutions.


What we do
What we do

SAOSA is an innovative chemical engineering company that specializes in producing interlayers for laminated glass. Our products cater to a diverse range of applications including artistic, impact-resistance, hurricane protection, ballistic, and more.

● SAOSA is the supplier that is exclusively approved by the Chinese military (PLA) for providing military-grade products in security constructions. As the leading manufacturer of glass lamination resin in Asia, we are highly confident in delivering top-quality and cost-effective resin to customers worldwide.

● SAOSA resin distinguishes itself from others with exceptional product stability, resistance to yellowing, and delamination. SAOSA has obtained an array of certifications including: EN 356, EN 12600, EN ISO 12543-4, and EN 1063.

● Our R&D team has an illustrious track record in chemical research, spanning over 40 years, and possessing extensive expertise in the Macromolecule Field. Our team had actively contributed to the chemical research efforts of Macromolecule materials on China's manned spaceship SHENZHOU-V, which was successfully launched in October 2003.


Glass Lamination Resin
  • UV- SSafety / Transparency
  • UV- HImpact Resistance
  • UV- BBallistic Resistance

Successful Project Portfolio

  • Burj Al Arab in Dubai
  • Beijing Capital International Airport
  • Cartier Boutique Shop Jewelry Display Cabinet & Glassdoor
  • Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport Rebuild Project
  • Israel Building - Shanghai Expo
  • Twin Tower - Xiamen, China


Has been in the laminated glass industry for

>23 years

Laminated glass made by SAOSA resin

> 361,000,000

Clients across the globe

> 11,000